i saw a scifi/thriller movie long time ago (1994-2000) although the movie was from the 80’s

it was about a teenagers travelling to a remote American town becoming zombies after becoming infected
and the unique symptom include that zombies face and victims puke white discharge regularly from their mouths like semen ,
there were a LOT of shocking moments and sexual intercourse scenes in the movie occurring within the story line and with almost every female character

one of the scenes i recall was like

a teen couple chased by a zombie hoard takes hides in a cabin and decide to wait till dawn
then the couple lie on a table the guy keeps pulling the shy girls face to kiss her multiple times as the time passes by and then finally the guy pulls the girls face in SHOCK as the face is zombiefied and white puke oozes out of her half open jaw ewww !! and did i mention they had an intercourse scene earlier in the movie.

the movie plot is based on the the extraterrestrial movies like “slithers” “xfiles”

please help me remember

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