Cant find this semi old horror movie

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Ok, so it started when I was young and sitting with my parents watching a movie, I was young, but I remember a little of it and some details.

So we got introduced to a daughter and a mother idk how old they are, but it looks like the daughter is over 18 or is. The mother is watching out for an older man in a wheelchair at the mother’s home. We later see the daughter in a new scene in the evening where she meets up with two guys, both guys kiss her, and they are the same age as her. They go on a boat to a creepy old house that they believe there is no one in it. They break into the house as stupid young people and discover some stuff. One of the guys sees a mirror looks into it entirely for a while. He is suddenly teleported or something like that. I didn’t see it, but it was fast into another room downstairs with three ghost costumes, you know, like blankets, the blankets have knives and start cutting his throat while he is on his knees dying. Idk what is happening next? I know the next killing, the other guy we’re exploring the house, even more, he goes around a dark place where an older woman starts giving an idk jumpscare? Where she bites him back of his neck. Idk what’s happening after and that I know that the daughter who’s still in the house is always looking; idk what happens to her. I know she is going to be on a table or what it is, where she is tied up, and the older woman is with the daughter’s mom, and they discuss while the older woman is sewing up the daughters eyes, that’s it idk more, but if you guys can find or know anything about it, please tell me asap

Moke Asked question Nov 22, 2020