Cant recall the name of the movie.

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I’ll try to list down everything i can remember from this movie.

1. the setting of the movie was at some kind of cold, snowy area.
2. there were two types of monsters in the movie, one was like black and looked like a tadpole, another was brown and looked like some kind of mammal. something to note is that the brown monster was originally a nerdy looking guy who transformed into it towards the end of the movie.
3. there was a scene where this fat guy came up to a wooden hut where the protagonists were at, he asked if he could use the bathroom. what happened was that he ate the monster’s eggs during the night, thinking they were berries. he ended up pooping out the baby monsters in the toilet, and the monsters wanted to jump out of the toilet but the protagonist was sitting on the toilet preventing it from coming out.
4. one of the characters was addicted to matchsticks, he always wanted a matchstick in his mouth. what happened during the toilet scene was that while sitting on the toilet to prevent the monster from coming out, he saw a box of matchsticks on the ground and tried reaching for it and i think this ended up with the monster getting out of the toilet.

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“Dreamcatcher” (2003)

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