Can’t remember movie name HELP!

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Independent movie from early 2000’s? Made in Long Island NY. Funding provided by some Film School or Organization and lots of individuals names in credits. Actors were not famous. Waitress gives Loser Dishwasher in restaurant a sympathy date because other waitresses are teasing him. After date he kidnaps her and locks her in basement ties her to a chair. He has to go to store to buy her tampons. Dementia grandma finds her and thinks she’s a friend from the 1950’s but won’t release her! Keeps coming down and chatting with her. She keeps trying to escape. Finally gets loose and kidnapper caught in the end.
Despite unknown cast, film is awesome with great acting. Rented it several times on DVD from Blockbuster in its final few years before closing. Help! Can’t remember the name!

Fidget Asked question Jul 6, 2022