I am looking for a movie with a white woman that looks like a junkie, bullets cant hit her and knives do not hurt her (is sort of immortal), killed a lot of people as she says it is what the universe tells her to do, travels with a black guy she almost killed because she thought he was someone else, but they eventually travel together (at least during the part i saw). They are trying to find another guy the woman says has to kill. I have seen the scene when their car breaks in the forest and some random guy shows up and is supposed to help them with the repairing, but tries to kill them instead. However the woman doesnt die by the bullets and kills that guy, whose friends look like hells angels and find the woman and the black guy on the road later on, make the car crash and hang them in order to later kill them to revenge the death of their friend, but the woman eventually kills them all as well. I Would appreciate if someone knew the name of the movie (dont know the names of actors). Thanks

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