can’t remember the movie name – please help!


Hello friends,
I would love to get some help, I am completely desperate!
about ten years ago I watched a movie on TV and never knew his name, neither the names of the actors nor the names of the characters in the movie (I don’t remember mentioning a character’s name at all) but I do remember the scenes one by one, for three years That I do Google searches IMDb and all these things, usually I always find the movies I’m lookiת ng for!
Friends, I know it’s a long message … but if you know what movie it’s, I’ll thank you very much if you help me find its name.
The movie is about a woman brunette with green eyes who says goodbye to her fiancée or husband at the airport and travels to a western country, When she gets there, she gets a blond cowboy man with long hair (not too long) She adapts to the place, until one evening, there was a party in the same place, couples started dancing, the camera was between her and the same man looking at her until he offered her to dance with her, Next scene, she tries to rip his shirt off to sleep with him and he rejects it.
– Next scene – In the morning the next day, she and he are riding with other guys on horses by a river, she is wearing sunglasses until she gallops towards the river and tries to drown and die.
– Next scenes- She is lying on a hospital bed in the city she arrived in, opening her eyes, next to which sits her fiancée or husband and kissing her three times
after that, she returned to the same Western country, She is seen wearing a bra and black panties, with her hair gathered, standing in the doorway of a house, and talking to a group of cowboys sitting on a fence a few meters from the house Until the blond guy shows up and forcibly brings her into the house, asks her about her decision she’s back she answers him because she loves him and hugs him, he gets upset and rejects her and asks again why she came back.
I will not say everything, I will just mention that throughout the film they have a romance, there is also a scene that she is in the kitchen and she sees a snake, she screams, climbs on the counter, he comes running, throws the snake and starts laughing, she laughs with him, they make love.
There is another scene in the morning, she is in bed he is dressed, tells her to hurry because they are late she is delaying him a little more they make love again, the next scene they soon enter the church of Sunday prayer.
There’s another scene, she’s making pizza in the kitchen, he’s sitting at the table with his daughter who claims she does not like gamba pizza until he rolls the pizza and tells her to eat like that.
thanks in advance!

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