can’t remember the title of this film! help!


im 90% sure its a french movie, released in the 90s i think, and maybe has the word ‘green’ in the title but im really not sure i just strongly associate the word with it. its a very surreal film and has almost a stage-like setup, dreamy colour palette and the story revolves around a family. the only scene i can remember really clearly is the father dying at the beginning of the film, in a bathtub surrounded by flowers and plants. there was something about sisters and their marriages/love life im not sure thats all i remember. my dad showed this film to me years ago and i remember really enjoying it, now i cannot find it for the life of me. please help me find it!!

edit: i thought about it a little more and its possible it was made in the 2000s OR the 90s, as for the time period it was set in i think it was before the 1950s

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