Can’t remember this horror films title! HELP!


Okay, from what I remember, it’s a horror film where a man goes camping in the woods after finding out he’s terminally ill. He’s alone in the forest until he runs across another man who seems like a normal person at first. I swear the creepy guy he runs into is wearing a yellow raincoat. He is then followed by this other entity, who quickly turns out to be not completely human.

I remember one scene distinctly where the guy camping is asleep in his tent, and raincoat man’s face pressed into the side of the tent. Also, *spoiler!*, the main character dies at the end.

It was made somewhere between the 90’s and 2010’s. It’s definitely indie, and I’m not completely sure it’s in English. I have been trying to find the name of this movie for literally years… please help me!

Kjbentle Asked question Mar 19, 2022