Chinese Martial Arts Movie from around 2000’s

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The storyline is similar to kung fu panda(it’s not animated). There are some powers that exist within a tattoo which is protected by a group of martial arts masters, the tattoo or powers will be inherited by the chosen who was initially the current power or tattoo wielders daughter or something, but a guy with a normal job who wears glasses is discovered, he is the chosen one. There are some scenes that I remember, such as the villain is an old guy in a cave who wakes up and steals a fat guy’s youth, the chosen one is trained in martial arts where he practices by punching sand in a giant heated wok, he also tries to walk on eggs, sometimes he can fly. There’s a scene where two “masters” are on live tv and they try to walk on eggs and break a huge log by his bare hands. Also towards the end the tattoo is passed down to both the chosen one ad the girl so the villain doesn’t steal it.

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Arahan (2004).

Google: “martial arts”|wuxia+tattoo+power+eggs

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Thank you farcry, I have been looking for this movie for almost a decade now.