Alright, the few things that I remember are mentioned below. Please bare with my outdated memory.

Classic animated sci fi movie or most likely serie.

Space, people float in space, I believe one of them have their eyes open. Spaceship with 2 or more crew. They fly through this space and see the floating bodies. I believe one of the crew members spots a floating person and observes that he has his eyes open, “that one might be alive?”. The masculine woman says no. They do not stop and move on to a space station where other people or creatures are hanging out. There is a bar.

In the bar an explosive detonates and the room is filled with something weird that the people can not thread on. The masculine woman, she tries to rescue herself by swinging a rope to a roof pipe. Unfortunately she falls to her doom.

A couple flee from the station through some kind of weird elevator. It’s like a stampede with a human figure form in it. Their bodies are moved on by this machine to their spaceship.

The end is where we see the masculine woman floating in space. She has her eyes open just like the man that they previously flew by.

That’s what I remember. It had a 80s, 90s or maybe early 00s feel to it, most likely 90s or later.

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