Comedy/Drama movie where woman gets unexpectedly pregnant


I can vaguely remember this movie that I watched some years ago that for the life of me I simply cannot find.

From what I recall, the movie revolves around this woman who unexpectedly becomes pregnant. My memory of it as a whole is a little spotty buy I can recall certain details vividly.

1. The main character was blonde and probably in her 20s or early 30s.

2. She had this group of friends who initially convinced her to take a pregnancy test after she told them about her symptoms. They may have also spent some time with her in the delivery room while she was in labor.

3. During the actual birth scene at least one of her parents,her mother, was with her in the delivery room. Now, her mother was not a native English speaker, I want to say she may have been Hispanic or Italian though I could be wrong, and at one point her mother tells her to push. However, due to her accent it comes out more like “pusht”, which is played for comedic affect.

4. When the baby is actually born it turns out to be a boy, which somewhat upsets the main character as she wanted a daughter because she doesn’t know how to raise a boy. She later warms up to the idea, though in a later scene she mentions to someone that she hopes her son turns out to be gay, once again played for comedic effect.

4. The final part I remember is that at the very end of the film the main character, her son, and her mother are laying on a bed and the main character leaves for a moment. When she comes back she finds her mother unconscious and unresponsive. Her mother passes away and the film ends with her funeral. I believe that her spirit is shown in the crowd watching the funeral before fading away.

I think the movie came iut in the early 2000s or possibly the late 90s. I know for a fact that it is not What to Expect when You’re Expecting, Riding in Cars with Boys, The Object of My Affection, Saved!, or Knocked Up. I appreciate any help that’s given, thank you!

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Could it be an episode from ‘Til Death (2006-2010)?

Ally’s Pregnant (S04E27).

00:04:56,772 –> 00:04:58,106
Well, I don’t know
how to raise a boy.

00:04:58,174 –> 00:04:59,374
I mean, all I know
is girl stuff.

00:04:59,442 –> 00:05:01,543
You know,
little dresses and dolls.

00:05:01,611 –> 00:05:02,978
Little pink bows.

00:05:03,045 –> 00:05:04,746
So, raise a gay man.

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