Hi all,

I’m trying to remember the name of a comedy with a scene where the guy got the girl to strap her mobile phone to her inner thigh, and he called her when she was in a meeting and the phone was on vibrating mode.

I thought the actress was Jenna Elfman or someone blonde, but not 100% sure.

It was a very funny scene.

I’ve looked at “Keeping the Faith”, “Friends with Benefits”, “No Strings Attached” but no such scene in it.

“The Ugly Truth” has a similar thing in the restaurant with Katherine Heigl but that’s not it.

Appreciate any other suggestion anyone can give! Thanks in advance!

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Deleted answer of…
The Oh in Ohio

When Harry Met Sally had a similar scene, but it was on a restaraunt.

You may try to watch the particular scene in “oh in ohio”, just to make sure. She has a pager on her leg, during a sales meeting, and he keeps calling it, making it vibrate.

That sounds like the scene I know (in the sales meeting and he keeps calling it), but I’ve never heard of this movie! Never the less, I’ll search for this movie.

Was the female blonde?

She was brunette I think.

After thinking harder about it, maybe “House of Lies” the tv show, Jeanie in season 2 may have had this happen to her in one of the season 2 episodes with adam brody in it . maybe this episode or one of the next 2 after it

she is blonde, but this happens as an accident iirc

Not TV show. It’s definitely a movie.