controversial film depicting parents planning the car accident death of their son

This film starts with a scene where a young alluring girl sits on the trunk of a 1950s era car. She waves at a passing motorist, who is distracted by her.

As he proceeds past the car, suddenly a ball bounces into the road and a boy chases it, right in front of him.

He hits the boy, who is killed.

There are courtroom scenes, where the parents are distraught, and receive a legal settlement.

The next scene again shows the girl, a teenager now, sitting on the trunk of a newer era car. She again waves and distracts a passing driver.

This time the next scene cuts to a view from the front of the car, where it shows the parents throwing the ball into the street, and getting another young boy to chase it, out in front of the distracted motorist.

The movie caused quite a bit of controversy. A mothers group in Texas sued to have it banned in the state.

In a subsequent interview with the screenwriter, he revealed that the film was a metaphor for war. In which knowing authority figures use sexual appeal to send young men to their death, for profit.

I believe this was from the 70s or 80s, but not certain.

Thank you for your help finding the title…

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