Cowboy/western/bank robbery/train heist film, help me find it!


Hi everyone,

Looking for a film i watched with my late grandmother as a child. unfortunately i can only remember minimal details but i’ve been searching for this for atleast 10 years!

The only details i remember are;

– It was a cowboy/western/train robbery/bank robbery style film, with 1 main hero
– Non John Wayne Film
– The Cowboy/Main character has a cliff side hideout
– He hides his loot on this cliff side hideout
– I believe he dies up there in the final scene
– I think he wears black

Thanks all i know! I’d love to find and watch this film! Thanks in advance!

Alexxxia Answered question Apr 1, 2021

Hi, this sounds quite like ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, with the cliff hide-out and everything, and at least one of the characters is all in black, though I think it might be the villain, played by Henry Fonda.

Good luck, anyway!

Alexxxia Answered question Apr 1, 2021