Crime Drama Film With Thriller Elements and a Diner Shootout

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It has been nearly a decade that I have been racking my brain over this trying to figure out what this film was called and I am finally at my wits end!

I was 15 and half watching this movie on a bus to a different province, and the footage was shocking enough that I wasn’t able to sit through large portions of the film. I am curious if its as horrific as I remember it but never got the title of the movie.

I can say that the film takes place out of order, there is a black actor playing a psycho of some sort who kills a cop and steals his uniform after a traffic stop. The man had a soft spoken southern accent when in his police officer persona. There are a few girls that decide they are going to rob a diner, the robbery goes wrong when someone produces a firearm and kills one of the girls, I believe a trucker in the corner also drew his gun and the bartender was armed, this led to a bloody shootout.

That was about as far as I could watch before losing my lunch and I just wonder if there is anyone who can, with just this information, tell me what movie this is?

Filmfind Edited comment Jan 29, 2022