*CW* *Suicide and Necrophilia description* Suicidal chatroom user turns to necrophilia for company


This is great mystery to me and many many others, and I appreciate any help. I know it exists, just having no luck tracking it down, which is odd since it’s a very unique premise. I’m not one to dream stuff up either.


The protagonist, a suicidal teen boy (dubbed throughout for convenience as necro boy), goes online to a suicidal chatroom often, up until he decides to go finalize his suicide. But before that happens, he sees what appears to be a cult inside of a van partaking in a mass suicide pact. There’s a young girl with reddish hair, wearing I think a church or school outfit (could be wrong on the clothes).
Anyway, he takes her body home and engages in necrophilia in all the ways – including sexual and human closeness/company.

Necro boy also hallucinates the girl’s corpse speaking to him.

Throughout the film he is watching a mother with short black hair, and her husband and child, who seem very content at first if I recall, but whatever.

He then tries to kill himself again and meets up with a blonde woman wearing a sweater who hates her life as a spouse and mother.

They drive to what I believe is the same spot where he found the his first victim’s body, and they take pills.
They have champagne, either in the car or they may have had it at the restaurant where they met. I believe they also put the car exhaust in a position where they would fall asleep from the pills and booze and the exhaust would kill them in their sleep.

Alas, necro boy doesn’t actually take the pills, but his suicide pact companion does die.
He takes her body home, buries the redhead and starts doing his necro routine again, including having dinner with the body, which is again talking to him.

Later in the film the woman with short dark hair he had been watching/stalking has something go wrong in her life. I believe her son is killed or else is in an accident where they think he’s going to die (hospitalized).
She goes to his house as they have become acquainted and her wrists are slit. Necro boy waits and watches for her to die, and even leans into kiss her (I don’t remember if he does or not).
But at the last minute, he calls emergency services and saves her life.

I can’t remember much else. I do think there was one other girl as well? Could be wrong.
The film ends with cops all over his house digging up the girls in his backyard.

This is all I’ve got, which seems like a lot, but has amounted to nothing in my protracted search. It was on Hulu around 2014/2015. Surely its past inclusion on the Hulu platform can be a great clue??

Elimination List
It’s definitely not any of these previous suggestions (from other platforms):

Jisatsu Circle
Child of God
Suicide Room
Decay 2015

I have looked thoroughly on lists such as Necrophilia in film by Hollie Horror on letterboxd (rather comprehensive).
As well as Wikipedia’s Necrophila in film.
And many google searches that have undoubtedly gotten me placed on a FBI watch 😛

So basically it begs the question why it would not be almost notoriously known on necrophilia film lists when it contains so much of it…!? Maybe it is very obscure or foreign to the US. Unfortunately I do not know the language, I am HoH and depend on subtitles.

Possibly, it could even be a mini series or a short film (I notice many short films, especially non English, do not have information filled out on IMDB and related sites) Though it felt rather long.

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