I saw this when I was really young and only watched around the middle to end so plot points are kinda hazy. There were two kids in middle school or something, a boy and a girl. The boy was friends with someone who I think just got out of juvie and they were planning on running away together and the girl had a mentor who was involved in some shady shit. The girl snuck inside her mentor’s house and she saw him crying in the shower and was about to reach out but decided not to last second. Then she found a gun of his and took it then she gave it the other boy for some reason. The film ends with the boy meeting with his friend late at night in the rain preparing to run away. Then the boy very deliberately shoots him and buries his body. The next day construction began so he got away with it and we seem sitting at his porch looking all depressed then it ends.
If you could help out with this that’d be awesome because I’ve been trying to find this for years.

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