Dark thriller from the 90s, only one dream sequence about taking of the face that is remembered.


I remember that I watched this movie around the year 2000. It was very dark and probably with a lot of night scenes. Three main characters. Rich married couple and one guy. This guy is trying maybe to seduce married woman, maybe trying to spy on husband, maybe trying to steal from them or something. Maybe he is watching them from the window of his apartment, maybe with the binoculars.

One scene that I do remember follows: the guy is all alone in his apartment, he is looking at himself in the mirror. He notices something strange on his face, he is trying to get rid of some small dirt on his check, but he discovers that he can dig deeper into his face, and that is can pull the layers off his face until he realizes that his whole face is taken off and beneath is the face of that husband! Then he wakes up….

another scene – he wants to meet the husband, but he wants to be somewhat unnoticed so he puts on big sunglasses, but that wasn’t effective, husband recognised him from some scene before….

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