David! David! The fish is downing

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Trying to figure out the title to a movie. If I remember correctly, it is a short film. I saw it on a camping trip at the park visitor center in the mid 1990s. The film was about a guy that has a beta fish (I think it was a beta). He gets another fish and a glass divider for the tank. The two fish don’t really like each other. The main character, David, leaves to go to hockey practice. While he is gone, the glass divider falls to one side cutting off the air to the new fish. The other fish starts yelling “David! David! The fish is drowning” and the scene gets to a climax as the fish is trying to find surface to get a gump of air. David, at hockey practice, senses something is wrong and rushes home just in the nick of time to lift the glass and give the fish air. The fish are friends after that.

Anyone know this movie?

kemiscool Asked question Jun 28, 2022