Hi, folks.

A bit of a head scratcher here. Well it certainly is for me.

I’m trying to find the name of a movie where some people on a yacht(I think?) answer a distress call and rescue another person in the open ocean. This person then terrorises the crew and may even possess one of them – this is the demonic angle. All the yacht people eventually die and the yacht sinks, but not before a rescue helicopter is sent to find them. The demonic person is the sole survivor and is rescued by the helicopter, but he attacks the flight crew and the helicopter crashes into the ocean killing everyone. The last scene (that I can remember) is bodies floating in the ocean and the sound of a distant ships horn. One of the dead helicopter crew raises his head and smiles at the cruise ship that is coming to assist the helicopter crash, and so the cycle continues.

I’ve no idea who starred in it or the year. But it was in colour if that helps.

Sorry for being so vague, but I really would appreciate some help with this as my obsession means I cannot sleep at night and my wife has left me. (May be unrelated)

Thanks for any and all suggestions.


Answered question

Maybe “The Ferryman” (2007)?:

Much – though not quite all – of the description fits “Satan’s Triangle” (1975).