Does anyone know the name of this horror/thriller movie?

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I think just about six or seven years ago, I rented this horror/thriller movie off of RedBox. I’m assuming it came out around that time, or a year or so beforehand. So between 2012-2014 is my best guess, though I could be wrong.
I don’t really remember everything about the movie, but I hope I remember enough to get some help. However, before I begin, I’m going to give two characters fake names as I don’t want to create confusion and I don’t remember their actual ones. The main girl’s name will be Jessica and the girl who fell down the stairs will be Marley.
Basically, it starts out with Jessica hanging out with her friends at her house. Somehow, something happens, and Marley falls down the stairs and dies. I’m not quite sure if this detail is true or something I added myself on accident, but I think they start to notice that there’s a mysterious figure behind Marley in all the photos taken of her. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of anything that happens after that up until the ending.
Near the end of the movie, Jessica and Marley are talking and doing makeup. I guess Jessica is a very lonely person and kind of obsessed with Marley as she is the only person who is friendly with her. However, not much time later, Jessica overhears Marley calling her ugly and making fun of her to someone. Jessica snaps and pushes Marley down the stairs, and, seeing as how she died from it, decides to bury her in the yard. I don’t remember if anything else happens after this, but I do know the movie ends with Jessica laying down in a bed—-probably in a mental institute—-and laughing hysterically as the “friends” from the beginning surround her. My guess is they’re just hallucinations.
That’s all I remember about the movie itself but here are a few small details that might be of help.
– Jessica has brown hair
– Marley, I’m pretty sure, has blonde hair
– The main menu screen for the disk and I’m guessing one of the covers is of Jessica sitting on a chair holding a teddy bear. It’s very eerie and she has a creepy look on her face.

ohashi_e Asked question Sep 21, 2020