Does anyone know this movie?

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I am having trouble finding this one movie that i remember watching years ago. It’s an animated film about these three kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. The oldest boy has black hair, the second is blond with glasses, and i can’t remember the girl. I believe that they are in a museum basement because of a fieldtrip, but I’m not sure about that specfically. But there is an ancient tablet(?) that glows and an animal headed person enters the room. The children are asked to help save the world because of a prophecy that speaks of three children who would do so. They are introduced to animal companions tht are imaginary friends- the blond boy recognizes his partner because he was a particulary imaginative. He has a reptile of some sort, I think a turtle. The girl has a hummingbird and I don’t know about the other boy. They can fuse with their companions to gain abilities and the look like the animals, I think they also become adult-like. Really similar to the depiction of egyptain gods with animal heads. The girl is govered with green feathers and has wings. Like that. They can travel through portals wither through time or worlds and battle the great evil. The evil side also has kids working with them that are 2 boys and 1 girl. There is a scene were the kids travel to a Mayan or Aztec city were they get in toruble with a local who can do what they do. He is a leapord or cheetah of some sort, a yellow cat with spots. I think there may have been a scene where they travel to Asia; I faintly recall a dragon fusion in a temple or castle. In the end, the twist is that the prophecy refers to the 3 kids on the evil side because they realize what they’re doing is wrong.
I may have remembered some details wrong- it’s been years- but i am absolutley confidant about the fusion part. If anything about this sounds similar, please tell me. I think I watched on Netflix, but I don’t know. Thank you for your time and help.

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