Does anyone recognize this horror movie?

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A group of either high school or college kids, 2-3 boys and 2-3 girls, go to a haunted place(possibly an asylum. They are trapped there by a female ghost and her baby. The ghost trapped them because she wanted her baby to be born. The ghost possesses one of the girls and makes her attempt to have sex with the boys. The first guy refuses because he has a girlfriend who is actually there with them. The ghost kills the guy because he wouldn’t have sex with her. The second guy is a nerd and a virgin with curly hair, he ended up letting her have sex with him. The possessed girl was the only one to survive. She allowed the girl to leave once she had sex with the nerd. Before she was released, the ghost stopped possessing her and ended up killing the last person left, a guy. At some point, the girl says “He/She wants to be born.” or “He/She needs to be born.” I have been looking for this movie for so long.

CeCeCaine Asked question Dec 10, 2020