don’t know the name of this movie that i vaguely remember


i saw this movie years ago and i don’t remember anything from it beside the fact that most of it (i think) it’s a guy locked (?) in a room and there’s a bed and i think, tho not sure, he sleepwalks. there’s a scene where he ties/handcuffs himself to the bed and he films himself while sleeping.. i don’t know why this movie specifically keep coming to mind but i have searched for it for years and i cant find it until now & its been very annoying tbh. i hope someone knows what i’m talking about and thanks in advance.

blxcklxst Unselected an answer Nov 21, 2021

oh the other one was older i believe it would maybe be around 2000-2009 but i don’t know for sure tbh. thank you so much anyway


I’ve seen this before but i don’t know the name either, if i find the movie name ill let you know asap

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oh thank you very much