Drugs movie name ( Pizza delivery guy and drug diler)

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Hello friends,
I am trying to find one movie and i cannot find it.
Story is about the guy who is taking a drugs,last what I remember is a few scennes:
He is a pizza delivery guy,
in one of scenes he drove a car,took a mushrooms while he was driving, then he got a hallucinations like he is in the game and he is getting a poens when he crashes a byciclists on the road;

Second one which I remember is: he had a shack where he was making a drugs (like lab in his yard) ,one day he was smoking a joint inside and in that moment 3 rocker guys came to his door.he trow the joint in chemicals,then shack exploded; cocaine was all over the place and he run away from there ( cocaine was everywhere on his clothes too)
If anybody recognize this,please help me to find it 🙂

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