Early 2000s, 2 low(er) budget movies about traumatized ‘final girls’

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I recall two lower budget movies, almost assuredly direct to video, I think from the early 2000s, where the main characters are women dealing with being the lone survivors of a slasher. Similar to AJ Cook’s situation in Ripper but the events are more recent and the women are not dealing as well (and they don’t turn out to be the killer).

One of them ends with the woman at a party with new co-workers where she hallucinates about the killer and kills everyone with an ax.

The second one I really only remember that there were a lot of scenes with a therapist and a (flashback?) fight with a large man in a mask in a run-down industrial area, I believe a machete was involved, but not 100%.

MikeZRed Posted new comment Mar 9, 2021

Found the first one.. Last Girl Standing (2015).

Any ideas on the other ?