Early 2000’s teenage movie, half erotic movie

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This movie from early 2000’s (2001-2009 i remember). Long hair blonde girl very love her boyfriend. But he doesnt care this girl. He use this girl only sex and oral. İ remember 4 scene.

1-Guy and his 2 or 3 friends play videogame in living room and girl comes. Guy say yo girl “strip, show your body to my friends”. She cry and strip. She has a red underwear.
2-Girl’s friend short black hair girl make a phone sex with someone on her bed. Some guy watch this girl on tree (hidden)
3-guy cheats his girlfriend with blonde giirl’s black hair friend. They make love on bed, blonde girl see them and say this “please choose me, please love me, i make anything for you bla bla bla…”
4-Blonde girl leave home sad, and the end of movie.

kemalettin33 Posted new comment Mar 23, 2021

was this in english? i assume drama? the movie was based on this girl?

Yes, language is english. Long hair blonde girl is main caracter. University student i think. This movie focus this girl’s love life. Final dcene is, this girl very sad. Cry. And leave the house.