Escape Horror movie from possibly 90s- 00s


Hello everyone, I’ve been searching this movie for years and I still couldn’t find it. I hope someone could help me find the name of this movie. I remember some scene of the movie.

The movie is about group of teenagerz got chosen to a game and trapping into a facility, a deserted mansion / hospital / asylum

The tone of this movie is quite dark and blue.

1. Young teen with her friend go to a party. There is a male host promoting that they going to choose some champion randomly to join the trapping game in such facility. Then the young teen got chosen and got bagged her head.

2. Teen girl woke up in a room of the facility. Theres alots of camera monitoring the champions.

3. Nearly the end of the movie, the teen girl found a way out of the facility through a sewage system, but she decided to go back and help her friend out of the facility.

I know its not much detail but i hope anyone could help me find this video, Thank you!

Darkshadow2 Posted new comment Apr 28, 2022

can you remember when you saw it? did it have kills? was it in english? any masked killers or was it more like hunger games style?

I think I watched it before 2008.
It has kills but I don’t remember any memories of those kills.
It’s kinda like SAW 2 style. Everyone placed in an mansion/ asylum with many monitors.
I think the organizer are gothic look-alike teenagers.