Estranged/drunk father tries to save daughter after government puts chip in his head


Live action movie. With unfamiliar actors, the main protagonist was a disheveled blond/dirty blonde male. The quality of the movie seemed to be 2007-2010, low-budget. I believe I saw it on Netflix 2012-2016.

The movie starts with establishing that a man lives alone and is estranged from his daughter/s. He is essentially an alcoholic and gets abducted or implanted with a government chip, because he is someone that wouldn’t be sought after or worried about.

The chip may not be necessarily in his brain, I believe it may be more like an eye implant. A shadowy government figure can talk to him through it and show him images. He is shown his daughter has been kidnapped or at least he is shown images to be compelled to believe that she has been harmed and to do things he normally wouldn’t. He initially believes it to be God or is told it is God.

He reluctantly agrees to things the voice is telling him and has to try multiple times to steal some protected intelligence from a corporate/government person’s home. One of the first things he’s tasked to do is find an alley and retrieve a briefcase and/or shoots and kills a woman trying to do so.

The movie tropes on his alcoholism and estranged relationship while he laments about the person/god in his head. When he finally uncovers the conspiracy of the voice and their tasks, I believe he gets an opportunity to use the intelligence/device on himself which turns him into some sort of omnipotent or higher being. The memory I have is that his body is sort of blue but larger like a nervous system. Spanning the skies, becoming ethereal and God-like he is able to make the choice to “save” his daughter by being this new entity.

MovieMad Posted new comment May 4, 2022

i have been digging for this for about 2 hours and still coming up blank. is this in english? could it be a miniseries or tv show instead? is it christian themed?

I’ve done quite a bit of digging myself but cannot seem to peg the theme or specific years. It was in English. I don’t have much on if if would’ve been a miniseries. I felt the God being referred to would’ve been Christian but religious themes were not throughout or apparent to me.

The quality led me to believe it was rather low-budget and wasn’t so much sci-fi but more like a conspiracy drama. I believe he had a cellphone and the in movie era seemed to be like 2000-2008. Give or take a couple years.


Is this a movie made within the past 10 years?

I’m not sure yet what the movie is but I sure as shit would like to see it!

MovieMad Posted new comment May 4, 2022

I certainly saw the movie within the last ten years but I can’t remember the year released of the movie. Or if it was even rated. It felt like a low-budget studio/TV movie but it was on Netflix or maybe even some other streaming service.

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