Ever heard of this Mock-Doc sci-fi short, depicting a female android’s audition for a film?

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What is the name of this short film?

The film is a mock-documentary, a female android’s audition tape for a biographical film (about a prominent android actor, nicknamed “Tik-Tok,” who appears to be modeled after Humphrey Bogart/30s-40s Noir detective archetypes). In the initial interview, she mentions her love of silent comedies; a clip from “The Gold Rush” is shown, in which a similar female android is inserted into the film using visual effects (clearly this is an alternate history, if a slightly low-fi one). When asked if she was greatly inspired by Chaplin, she remarks:

“Honestly? I’m more of a Buster Keaton fan. Just sayin'”

At one point this film was prominent on YouTube, through one of those sci-fi short channels (Dust, Future Shorts, etc). I could have sworn at one point it could have been on Future Shorts, but I browsed through every video on the channel (at least that would appear visible in the United States) and it doesn’t appear there. Any help finding this rather charming work after all these years would be greatly appreciated.

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This has been solved; the film in question is Kerry Conran’s Gumdrop, the same director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

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