Everyone walks around with a virtual display showing their name and other information.

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Like in the film “Jumanji: The Next Level” where the characters can press their chest and a virtual pop-up display appears. However in the movie I’m asking about, the main character is walking in a city street and sees other peoples displays revealing their name etc., until one person walks past and they don’t have a virtual pop-up display.

So in effect, wherever a person goes, their name and personal information is always revealed to other people. I imagine this would be like micro chips in pets. It would certainly end shoplifting and other street crime. No more gas station drive-offs without paying, no more druggies snatch and grab of purses, no more taxi ride jump outs without paying. The law would always catch up with you.

That’s all I recall.


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Wow, that was fast. I asked about this film on Quora a few days ago and no replies. FilmFind is certainly the place to go to “find that film”.

Many thanks.