Film about a blond girl in a mental hospital and a detective trying to solve a robbery

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OK i dont remember this film very well but Spoilers ahead!

Basically theres a blond girl who has some mental disability and somehow shes connected to an attempted robbery in a graveyard that takes place in the end of the film. Then theres this detective whos trying to solve this mystery, but I can’t exactly remember what the case was he was solving haha.

Anyway at the climax of the film, the main antagonist somehow catches this girl with a bunch of goons at night at this graveyard. They’re looking for the grave which has some treasure of somekind. They cant seem to find the right one but eventually the mentally ill girl writes the name with her hand on some glass or something. Then they realise the name is actually backwards and they find the treasure ( I think it was diamonds). Then a bunch of stuff happens and the antagonist dies.

Thanks for the help 🙂

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“Don’t Say a Word” (2001)
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:

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