Hi, I cannot find the title of a movie I saw on tv when I was a kid (I think it was filmed between ’90 and 2000). Of this film I remember that it should be the story of a young man who ends in a magical car trip in which he travels alone and encounters different and strange places and peoples. I remember two scene of it. One is when he meet a girl who is traveling to find the perfect “sex guy” who ask him to make love with her, he rejects her because he wants to leave her with the doubt that he can be the one she was searching. And the second is when he end in a “town” (I suppose) in which he sees a mother who decide to stay there because her daughter (or son) was kept there under drugs because she (or he) had committed some sort of wrong. It’a very bizzarre movie and I would really like to resee it. I appreciate every help. I apologize for my bad English and for the little informations on the film, best regards

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As not said… I found it 😅 it was “interstate 60”