Film from my childhood

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I am sure this was a movie i’ll add as much info as possible and hopefully someone will know it.
So I remember an old couple and maybe a grand child or a neighbours child and him and his friends put a bag of doog poo on fire on their door step and I think the boys mother finds out he had something to do with it and sends him round to see them. I also remember a dusty type where house with lots of plane parts I think an old prop plane. I think the boy and old man become friends and decide to build the plane. I also remember some of the local kids running through this building up and down the stairs prahaps but can’t remember why this was. Aslo I think maybe the song chariots if fire was used in this film or some thing very similar. I have been tryingbto remember/ find this film for many years. It may have been from the 70s as I remember it kind of being like willy wonka and the chocolate factory type set up/ quality. If any one has any ideas I would love to find out.
Thanks in advance

Powercrazymark Asked question Dec 10, 2020