Film from the 80s gang(?) initiation scene

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This is something that’s haunted me since I saw this one scene as a kid in the 80s. I can’t say if this was a movie or a made-for-TV movie. I’ll give as much info as I remember.

The scene opens at night with a young white guy in a car of a few other tough guys. They are all drinking and he’s stuck in the middle. They are driving around some suburban area, and the driver is making the new guy pick random streets to turn onto.

Then on one street they make him pick a random house, and they sneak up to look in the windows. They see an elderly couple relaxing. That’s no good so they go to the house next door and see a party with people doing lines of cocaine. They break in and smash the place up while stealing everyone’s valuables. Then with everyone lying face down, the lead bad guy shoots them all in the back.

As a New York apartment-dwelling kid when I saw this on my black and white TV, it made me terrified to every live in a regular house.

If anyone can tell me where this scene came from, I would greatly appreciate it!

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