About 1987 Norwegian channel NRK aired an English or American horror movie, in Norwegian titled “Drømmesyn” (Dreamvision). I think it was a short film made for TV.

A couple is moving out of their house. After all their furniture is moved out, on their last night before leaving, they wake up and see new furniture in their house and an old
couple who seem like ghosts – they can’t communicate with them. Creepy events unfolds where the old man kills the old lady’s birds and finally drowns his wife in the bathtub. We imagine these must be ghosts, re-acting an old tragedy. The next morning everything seems normal and the young couple believe it was a all a dream, but when they leave to hand over the keys, the new owners turn out to be the old couple from the night before.

Please help me find the name of this film, it’s been driving me crazy.

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