Foreign film 2010-2015? that I can’t remember the title for

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Hi There!

Here is what I remember about the film:
-the movie title is a single word
-the movie (from what I remember) doesn’t have a verbal narrative- in that the film is pieced together images that overall tell a story
-there is a scene where a man is sitting at a desk and his face is covered in clay/mud and he dramatically claws it off for a very long time. (this was also in the trailer)
-there is a scene where people are on a factory conveyor belt and (from what I remember) fall into a grinder?
-there is a traditional (fan?) dance ceremony somewhere in there

It was well shot and the production value seemed to be high – I think it was maybe a Japanese or Korean production? It was popular enough that I remember it playing at an indie cinema before I watched it *from the library* at home

Thanks for your help!

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Samsara (2011).

Google: movie|film+mud|clay+face+desk

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Thank you!