Forgot the name of the movie


I remember watching this on TV and I don’t remember the name of the movie. I remember the story and tried all the other ways to find but I couldn’t find it. The story happens remote island or may be in a forest where some kind of lab experiment on some chimps or apes or baboons go wrong. The animals escape and kill all the men but somehow one guys(hero) escapes. A few years later a team or a group approaches him asking for help to go back to the island or forest because of some reason. The guy at first doesn’t accept but later accepts to take them. How the group survives the mutated monkeys and come back is the remaining story. I still remember the last shot of the money when the whole teams escapes the hero decides to stay back all hurt facing one of the alpha chimps that still remembers him from the last trip. I think there is an explosion in the end or something. Please if someone remembers Kindly let me know.

Stonebroke Answered question Jul 24, 2021