Found footage satanic horror movie

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Hello! I’m looking for a movie that was made probably around 2005-2012 but I might be wrong.

It starts with a mother waiting for her husband who is a swat officer I think, but she gets a tape and the movie is basically the mother watching it
I think the swat team goes to an abandoned hospital to investigate a crazy lady, they lock her up and find out she is possessed by the devil
She ends up escaping and starts killin them, they even had some weird hallucinations
The tape ends with the devil killing the camera guy I assume was her husband
The actual movie ends with a doorbell and the mother’s kid answering the door just to reveal the devil lady came to their house

I just remembered this movie had some sexual scenes as well.

Thank you for reading! I hope someone knows which movie this is.

BalloonPopper Asked question Mar 31, 2021