I saw this movie a long time ago and I’m not sure about the exact premise, but I remember a story that was about affection between a guy and a girl who are randomly running into each other throughout their life. They had different lifestyles. I think he was wearing a uniform at some point (maybe a soldier) while she was an “upper-class” lady ( Audrey Hepburn alike). I think the focus of the movie was on him and he eventually even had a wife and kids while her life was a different kind of drama… I also remember a scene when the two met and ended up together in an ambulance…

Oh, how much I’d like to know what movie that was.

Anyone? Anything?


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Was it black & white?

No, it was in color. Not sure when it was made, but it spans through time starting in 60s (I think).

No, unfortunately, it’s not any of those. Thanks!