ghost-haunting-horror movie (with a fun twist)

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so, I’m pretty sure it’s an US or Canadian film in English staring a young woman. It’s not a great movie but it’s been driving me crazy that I can’t remember the name of it.
It opens as a family are driving to their new house, they stop of at like gas station (or similar) the girl sees some stereotypical looking Bad guys (I don’t think the characters were explicitly rednecks but they looked like they could have been cast in tucker and dale vs evil) and has a slightly weird interaction with one of them. She has two parents and a sister, and this main girl SUPER doesn’t want to move because she’s teenager so she’s always listening to loud headphone music.
They get to their new house, move in, but then someone breaks in wow it’s the guys from the gas station, who move on to brutally murder the parents, but the main character and MAYBE her sister escape, killing the guys and making off.

Then we meet her, and she seems to have written a book about her experiences and is mostly fine, until she has to go back to the house from plot reasons. Obviously she is haunted, but her sister (?) or some other woman is like no, you’re crazy.

Anyway, nearer to the end we find out she didn’t actually escape, and she and her sister have been being held captive in the basement for years. The weird guys have been dressing them up as dolls and the haunting has been something she’s concocted as a way of of dealing with her hellish life, the ghost was her sister trying to keep her in some kind of sanity.
I can’t remember what happens after that.


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Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

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yes! thank you so much

You’re welcome!