Girl and Guy get trapped in house filming paranormal investigation (Not Malevolent)

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So this is a movie I watched maybe 2-3 years ago. I don’t remember the whole plot but from what I remember its a guy and girl who I believe are at this house to fake a paranormal investigation, I know it sounds like Malevolant but its not that. After awhile I can really only relate there experiences to some drug trip as they see things that dont really happen, have experiences that dont really happen and are generally terrorized by some presence. I believe it ends with the brother/guy of them “Escaping” the house but it pans back with him still being inside I think. I dont remember an awful lot about this movie other then those details just a duo getting terrorized and getting tripped out in a house.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 12, 2022

one of the “grave encounters” movies, maybe?

Mhm414 Posted new comment Jan 14, 2022

Unfortunately its not. It doesnt really have a physical monster I think, more of a force