Gritty Gangster movie where drunk husband’s debt’s cause his g/f wife to be exploited


I think it was R rated from the 90’s. There is a bookmaking establishment in the back of the bar. Drunk husband comes in and bets after the game had already started. There is some discrepancy about exactly when the betting slip was filled out. The gangster/mafia type uses this as leverage to blackmail the guys wife into sex to cover the gambling loss. I think either she ends up killing him or the bartender does.

It’s at a local bar (I think set it NY – kind of a run down neighborhood place) and she knows the bartender and he knows what’s happening. The wife (blonde if I remember), the gangster and the bartender were the lead actors. Def. a drama or noir gangster type movie.

But I can’t remember anything else – just remember it was kind of a dark drama. Help!


After continuing to rack my brain – I THINK, but don’t quote me – the bartender was a Danny Aiello/Harvey Keitel type and I think the gangster sort of had that James Franco look from TV series The Deuce. My brain could be playing tricks on me but I THINK the gangster was either shot or hit his head on corner of desk (can’t remember) and that’s what killed him and the bartender either did it or helped cover it up. Who knows? 😉 Driving me nuts!

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THAT’S IT! That’s it!

Thanks for the help – really, much apprecaited…been driving me crazy!