Guy accidentally cuts off his own hand…

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I saw this approximately 30 years ago so I think 1990 would be the latest it could have been made.

I can only remember one scene and it must have freaked me out as I still think about it – A guy accidentally chops off his own hand and blood shoots/spurts out of his arm. I say accidentally because he looked pretty surprised.

I believe he was a butcher and I’m pretty sure he was using a meat cleaver. I may have imagined he was a butcher due to the cleaver but I think he was also wearing an apron.

I know this is basically no info to go on. Just hoping that since that one scene made such an impact on me it might spark a memory for someone.

Not Idle Hands or Evil Dead.

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Ah yes no that was 127 hours and he was an engineer had to escape a rock climbing accident by amputation starring James Franco

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Thanks Fabiquan, but not 127 hours, the one I’m thinking of came out in 1990 at the latest I believe.

Try moonstruck with Nichols cage and cher