guy trying to find presumably dead girlfriend after he thinks he sees her

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A movie from a few years ago, 2015-2018 perhaps, about a guy that has some sort of beef with some mobsters that come to kill him, his (girl)friend is there, there’s an explosion in the apartment, she is presumed dead, but a couple of years later he sees somebody that looks like her in a movie or a movie poster. He starts investigating, helped by a girl that went to high school with him, eventually they find out that it is really his girlfriend, but he ends up hooking up with the other girl. Somehow I’m blanking on the name and imdb doesn’t seem to be very helpful in finding it.
Thank you in advance for any useful answers.

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Last Moment of Clarity (2020)

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Thank you, that’s it! Wow, seen it just last year, seemed like 2018 or something…