Has anyone seen this dark fantasy, foreign film that once showed up on TCM?

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The movie is a dark fairy tale involving a group of boys in the woods. They stumble upon a house with a group of girls that are all monsters. Their father returns home. He is also a monster and threatens to kill and eat the boys. The boys trick the monster into eating his daughters instead. They are then chased through the snowy mountains by the monster and his magical boots that allow him to fly. One of the boys is brave enough to try and grab the boots. The monster falls to his doom. The boy puts on the boots and jumps several miles at a time to another another castle. This is where I missed out on the rest of the movie.

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Le Petit Poucet (2001).

I Googled this: movie|film+fantasy|”fairy tale”+forest|woods+daughters+boys+boots+jump|jumping

And I’ve found a post on another forum, where somebody was looking for the same movie:

And casspir identified it back then:

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