Help find a movie/TV series about a fictional country thats under a totalitarian regime


Like a year ago, I saw an ad trailer on YouTube to this movie/TV series, and it was about some fictional country, it was taking place in 80s or 90s, there was a tough totalitarian regime, looked like Eastern Europe, the country had a simple name, but I forgot it. I remember one scene from the trailer, an old woman (or maybe an old man) that was in her apartment, heard a gunshot from the outside, so she looked out of the window and there was a dead male laying on the street, i think blood was coming out of his body. And I think one male character had blonde hair, that were long to his shoulders, not sure about it tho.
This is all I can remember from the movie, many thanks to the person that could help me find the name of it.

marco Asked question Mar 8, 2021