Help finding an old movie about little girl, statue coming to life?


For the life of me, I can’t remember the title or find this movie.

I remember there was a little girl and a man? Possibly a dog?
I was around 8 years old when I watched it. I want to say early 2000s or maybe it was released in the 90s?

I remember two scenes.

One scene is towards the end of the movie. They are in this massive house / mansion and she needs to prove/win something? And she’s dancing. And she ends up spinning really fast.
The next scene is that at the stroke of midnight, the little girl and someone else, maybe with a dog, are waiting in a park for some male statue to come to life. He was important, perhaps her father? It was in a park near a lake/some body of water.

I keep associating the little girl with Dakota Fanning, but I checked IMDB and no movie she’s done matches this. It’s definitely not Uptown Girls.

Deewee Answered question Apr 10, 2021

Good Afternoon.
I believe the name of the movie is A Simple Wish with Mara Wilson.

Deewee Answered question Apr 10, 2021