Help Finding Pre 80’s Sci-Fi Movie

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Hi Guys

I’ve been struggling to find the name of a sci-fi movie, it’s been haunting me for over 20 years! Not what year the film was, it was fairly old, I would say pre-80’s.

My memory is vague but I believe it started off on some kind of ship, possibly a submarine. There is a big fire or explosion, there is only 1 survivor, a boy who manage to escape down a lift just before the fire consumes him. He seems to be going down for a while, when he gets out, there are patrolling drones, which he hides from as he makes his way through trying to avoid them.

I remember a scene where the boy was walking past some buildings that were around the same height as him. There were some drone type ships patrolling around, I recall them firing at him as he tried to escape.

That’s about all I can remember unfortunately, hoping someone will be able to help!

ArthurReload Asked question Aug 29, 2021