Help finding the name of an dark obscure indie film


Here’s a Basic plot summary based on my memory.

The film stars a younger girl with shitty parents that move around a lot. Almost immediately into the film, the girl’s mother dies which triggers her and her father to move into an old run-down country house. Shortly after moving in, the girl meets a much older boy that lives next door. I think that it is implied that he might struggle with some kind of learning disability or issues with his mental health. Anyway, the girl and this older boy quickly strike up a disturbingly graphic relationship considering her age. At a point near the end, there is this one scene that has stuck with me since I saw this film as a kid. I remember the girl going into her living room to talk to her father where he always sat in his rocking chair, drinking and whatnot. Only to find him sitting there dead with a fully smoked cigarette still in his fingers, the ash of which the hadn’t been tapped off at all. She ends up just leaving him there dead for way too long and not telling anyone. I don’t remember much else from the plot.

I saw it sometime in the early 2010s on a hard drive full of pirated movies someone gave me. So it could’ve been made any time before that. The film had a very raw and indie feel to it, and was overall quite dark and probably meant for a mature audience. All of this is based on foggy memory so apologies if anything is unclear. If anyone has seen this film or knows what it’s called, any answers would be much appreciated.
p.s I remember it possibly being titled something to do with the word ‘star’

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